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Rubena Mitas



Normál ár 8.590 Ft
Normál ár Akciós ár 8.590 Ft
Akciós Elfogyott
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Do you want to get through city traffic in a flash? FLASH is the ideal choice to beat city traffic. The tread structure provides low rolling resistance and good adhesion on both dry and wet surfaces. FLASH is available in many sizes and 2 colour combinations. All tyres with antipuncture system are E-BIKE ready.


A band of 1 mm thick special rubber placed between the tread and the carcass decreases the possibility of having a puncture (high structural strength and hardness). It increases the rigidity and strength of the tyre crown and decreases the tyre drag while maintaining.

Approx. 3 mm thick rubber buffer produced from a special compound placed between thread and carcass. Its properties prevent from having puncture or cut off and such eliminates the risk of tyre defects while common use. It increases stiffness and strength in the crown area and eliminates drag while keeping adhesion.

Approx. 5 mm rubber bumper made of natural rubber. The ultimate protection of the casing against the penetration of a foreign body through its crown.

  • Puncture protection rubber belt
  • Carcass
  • Reflex Stripe
  • Twisted Steel Wire (2x2)
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